Микита Зігура

1984 — Born in Dnipro.

2003-graduated from the State High School of Arts. T.G. Shevchenko.

2009 — Graduated from NAOMA (National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture) at the Department of Sculpture.

2012 — completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Since 2012 a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine

Solo exhibitions:


2019 New Archeology Project (Kyiv, Mironova Foundation) 2017

BIFRONTE Project (jointly with Egor Zigura) (Spain, Granada, A r t U n i t yEspaciodeartes)

2017 BIFRONTE Project (jointly with Yegor Zigura) (Kyiv, Triptych-Art Gallery)

2017 BIFRONTE Project (jointly with Egor Zigura) (Italy, Parma, Alphacentaupigallery)

2015 NEBOSHIL Project (Kyiv, Triptych-Art Gallery)

2011 Two Dimensional Project (jointly with Zigura EA) (Kyiv, Hetman Museum) Main Collective Exhibitions2019 VOLTA Art Fair (Basel, Switzerland) Kyiv Art Fair 2019 (Ukraine, Kiev) Auction «Phillips. NEW NOW 2019 »(London, United Kingdom)

2018 DISCOVERY ART FAIR COLOGNE (Germany, Cologne) Art Marbella / Modern & Contemporary Art Show (Spain, Marbella)



"I-Synoptic" (Act, Platform Art Factory) "No Package Needed" (Transformer National Educational Center)

2017 Art project "Land response" (Kyiv, TSM M17)

«International Contemporary Art Fair Malaga» exhibition (Spain, Malaga)

All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture 2017 (Kyiv, Central House of the Artist)

2016 Social Art Project "Embodying the Mission. Arts and Business" (Kyiv, CSM M17) GOGOLFEST

2016 «Sculpture workshop. Special Project ”(Kiev, Platform Platform Art Factory) CHAS Exhibition (Kiev, Golden Gate Museum) Auction" NOW NEW XXI CENTURY ART "(Warsaw, Dom Aukcyjny Rempex) IAFwarsaw

2016 (Warsaw, Narodowy Stadium) Charity Auction "Art for Life" (Kyiv, Art Arsenal)

2015 Exhibition "SORPUSCULUM" at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Kiev) .Feldman Art Park 2015 (Kharkiv) Large sculpture salon

2015 NEBOSHIL project (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal) Art-twins exhibition (Kyiv, T. Shevchenko Museum)

2014 All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture (Kyiv, Central House of the Artist).

Exhibition "Fire of Love" (Kyiv, CSM M17)

2013 IVFineArtUkraine (Kyiv Art Arsenal).

Festival "Contemporary Ceramics in the Urban World" (Kyiv, Yunist Factory).

2012 GOGOLFEST Contemporary Art Festival (Kyiv, Metal Works). Large sculptural salon

2012 project "Watchers" (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal).

2011 Green Wave Exhibition (Kyiv, Mystets Gallery). All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture-2011 (Kiev Central House of the Artist).

2010Lamp Exhibition (Kyiv, Part.com Gallery).

The Great Sculpture Salon 2010 (Kyiv, Ukrainian House).

2009 Indposhiv Exhibition (Kyiv, Mystets Gallery).

Exhibition "Always, Never and Forever" (Kyiv, Berva Gallery).

2008 All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture (Kyiv, Central House of the Artist).

GOGOLFEST Contemporary Art Festival (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal).

2007 Spring Art Wind Festival (Kyiv) Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST (Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal)



Sculptures installed

2015 Ecoculture Dialogue, Kharkiv, Feldman Ecopark

2015 Ecoculture "Biosphere" m. Kyiv Square. M. Zinkovetskaya

2015 Park sculpture "Interlacing", Kyiv.

2014 Monument to the aircraft designer Kalinin, Kyiv, KPI park

2013 New Prometheus Ecoculture, Kyiv, KPI Park

2012 Park sculpture "Stairs of knowledge", Kyiv, KPI park

2012 Malusha and Volodymyr Lyubech (executed by a grant from the President of Ukraine)

2011 “Dawn” in Kaniv.

2010 The first step with Vita-Pochtova.

2010 Phoenix, m. Dnipropetrovsk.

2009 Monument to A. and I. Lizogubam. Sedniv, the museum-estate of the Lizogubov family

2009 “Guest from Zaporizhzhia”, Cherkasy. Plenary sessions and symposia

2011 - All-Ukrainian Symposium on Stone “Forest Song” (Bucha).

2010 - All-Ukrainian Symposium on Stone “Living Stone” (Cherkasy).

2009 - All-Ukrainian Symposium on Wood (Cherkasy).

2009 - All-Ukrainian stone airplane (Bush).

2008 - All-Ukrainian Symposium on Stone “Living Stone” (Cherkasy), 2nd Prize.

2007 - All-Ukrainian Symposium on Stone in Tustani.Awards and Achievements

2012 - Received a grant from the President of Ukraine in the field of fine arts (erected the monument "Malusha and Vladimir" in Lyubech)

2011 - Received a scholarship from the Mayor of Kyiv for talented youth.