Nazar Bilik

Born September 20, 1979 in Lviv, into a family of artists. Since 1980 - a resident of Kiev. My father is a Ukrainian sculptor Mykola Bilyk. Mother - Natalia Borisenko, textile artist. Education Kyiv Art and Industrial College (1999, now - Kyiv State Institute of Arts and Design named after Mykhailo Boychuk). National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA, 1999-2005). He lives and works in Kyiv.

Art As an artist he works in the direction of contemporary sculpture. Author of objects in public space. He participates in a number of exhibitions and symposia both in Ukraine and abroad. winner of the MUHI competition (young Ukrainian artists, 2010); winner of the competition for the best project monument to the Sons of Ukraine (2002, co-authored with Mykola Malyshko) [2];

In 2013, he received a grant from the President of Ukraine in the field of fine arts to create works from the Counterform series [3] The works of Nazar Bilyk can be seen: in Kiev on Landscape Walk - Rain sculpture, 2010, bronze, glass), a copy of which was commissioned for the Turn Park Sculpture, Massachusetts USA) [1]; at the Sandarmokh Memorial (Karelia, Russian Federation) - a monument to the Sons of Ukraine (co-authored, 2004, granite);