SERGII SHAULIS 24.09 - 24.10.jpg
Location: Mironova Gallery

Date24.09 – 24.10.2020
Curators: Tatyana Mironova, Anna Avetova
Sergii Shaulis

Project is a combination of traditional sculpture techniques and modern digital technologies. This is an exhibition space that was created in VR and placed physically in the "Mironova Gallery". The virtual gallery is essentially a field for the artist's experiments, it demonstrates the artworks from the "Flowers of the fate" series, that are yet to be created in reality. VR technologies give people a chance to feel a certain illusion of freedom. Today, when the whole world is isolated due to the pandemic, digital technologies create an opportunity to feel oneself free, to overcome borders, to find oneself on any art events even in the most remote corners of the world. Operating with VR has begun for the sake of transferring the experiment, which is plentiful in the traditional sculpture, in the digital plane. However, adrenaline and passion of traditional research are completely absent in VR, and it is exactly this fact that provided an opportunity to look at the creation process in a new way, to start the sculpture forming act without all the technical difficulties that are usually to invariably accompany it. 

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Press release:

Flowers of the fate

The project presents virtual sculptures of the artist. It is aimed at reflecting the duality of the world, the author seeks to show the subtle line between the horrible and the beautiful. These are the artworks representing the result of observing the lives of people whose destinies were changed by chance. This is the story of explosion after explosion, when understanding of the situation comes later, about an opportunity to see the beautiful and the reversible.

The illusory nature of freedom, limited by certain boundaries that you define yourself. A person can never be completely sure about one’s life, because in a moment red roses can turn the delicate velvet of its petals in the cold metal shine.