Location: Mironova Foundation
Date: 06.11.20
Curator: Tatiana Mironova


Nikita Zigura

Press release:

June 20

Mironova Foundation

presents Nikita Zigura's personal project "New Archeology". The project is dedicated to the topical issue of environmental protection and changes in the ecological consciousness of mankind. According to the author's plan, the basis of the exhibition are multi-scale colored columns created from compressed garbage, reminiscent of ancient temples that we can see by visiting the excavations.

This project is a kind of scaling. Pillars of time-compressed garbage are like a slice of soil where you can see the specifics of time. Or maybe it's huge skyscrapers that have flooded our cities. They are built on the principle of absolute symmetry. Consumption, continuous and illogical - this is another aspect of the project. Does a person need as much as he "needs" to have? Where is the reality and where is the imposed illusion? The "Golden Pyramid" is inverted and held at one point - this is not a stable position.

Nikita Zigura

, painter:

"The project was created not by chance, it was preceded by changes in environmental awareness and lifestyle. It has become clear that the global consists of small particles - this is the essence of our civilization. I have repeatedly taken part in environmental actions, I was a co-organizer. And I saw with my own eyes the scope and scale of today's situation. I think that future archaeologists will call our cultural layer "plastic".

"New Archeology" is an imaginary view from the future to the present, it is like a light captured by a large lens, concentrated at one point - in the exhibition space.