Location: Mironova Foundation
Date: 06.11.20
Curator: Tatiana Mironova


Nina Murashkina

Vladimir Sai

Press release:

Sensual tamer

On November 5, Mironova foundation presents the exhibition of Nina Murashkina and Vladimir Say "Sensual tamer".

In the new project, the artists reflect on feelings and sensuality through the unreal worlds of their subconscious.

The core of the exhibition will be the mystical universe of Nina Murashkina, presented in paintings and ceramics. Fabulous animals, colorful birds, exquisite flowers with precise and spicy strokes appear in our reality due to the moods and feelings of the author - a sensual tamer who turns the subtle oscillations of the soul into artistic images of his paintings. In some ways, this "tamer of the senses" is similar to the main character of Nina Murashkina's work - a seductive feminine - sometimes domineering, sometimes capricious, with a fatal charm in the spirit of Dostoevsky. This character - la femme fatale - is the center of the universe of Nina Murashkina - strong and feminine, inspiring and tame at the same time.

"The main feeling I want to convey in my work is the importance of feelings. Of course, it's about the plot. But I see the human soul as a treasure, as a fragile palace that must be kept clean and able to protect in this cruel, cruel world. I use human bodies a lot in my works. The body never lies, it shows with its posture everything you want to hide, "says Nina Murashkina.

Tondo - Nina Murashkina's favorite round and oval paintings - as well as the field of ceramic plates only emphasize the endless movement of feelings that give birth to "awe", which gives the artist inspiration and moves us in all endeavors.

Vladimir Say's sculptural objects complement Nina Murashkina's emotional authorial statement. Classic women's torsos actually beat the ancient canons of female beauty, and colorful craquelure - cobwebs of cracks - again refer to the feelings that fill the body - a vessel of perfect shape - the mood, soul and give the fullness of life.

Tatiana Mironova, founder of Mironova foundation:

"I have been following Nina Murashkina's work for a long time and I watch how with each new project she becomes more and more professional and interesting for the audience. Her artistic worlds capture the spicy aroma of sensuality and at the same time they always have room for serious thought and philosophical reflection.